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Website development and creation - what for we do it

If you have a business or just a hobby that brings even a little money, you definitely need a website creation. Proper website development can sell any product, whether it is auto parts, real estate, banking, or needlework.

We create websites for over 10 years and we know how to do it quickly and efficiently. Our websites stick to you memory, they are easy to use and always interesting to the target audience.

For a long time we have accumulated experience in websites creation for different subjects and for different purposes, and we are ready to share this knowledge with you.

Website development and creation - where to start

Website development begins with the answer to the questions: "Why do I need a website?" And "What should it be?".

Websites can be conventionally divided into types, each of them serves its purpose, different structure and functionality, has its price.

  • online corporate website. This small site with multiple pages will contain all the basic information about your company, services or products. Price for website creation such a Web site is low, so it is ideal for small firms or start-ups.
  • online shop. This is not just a website, it is a significant part of the business. Online shop consists of a set of pages ("showcases" of products), baskets, order form, a page with more information (warranties, conditions of payment, delivery and so on.). Sales directly depend on the look of the online store, navigation convenience, easiness of ordering.
  • Company website. This is sort of a virtual office of your company. Corporate website will tell visitors about the company, its achievements and benefits, answer all the questions, report the news, and if necessary take orders
  • Internet portal. This is a site that gives a lot of useful information on a particular theme (cars, city news, construction and so on.) And provides advertising space on which you can earn
  • promotional website.This is a small advertising poster for a particular product or service.

If you are unsure of what kind of the website you need, please contact us and we will give you the best advice.

The success of the site depends on many factors, so every site we develop individually for every client. We will certainly take into account the scope of activity, the specifics of the target audience, goals and objectives, which the site has to solve. On this basis a detailed technical task created, on which developed the concept idea of the design, structure, and then going on the technical implementation of the project.

Without fail, before the "launching" every project is tested, so the output will be a completely ready for operation and the further website promotion .

The portal of Association of conscientious ferrymen provides the information to ferrymen, cargo owners and forwarders. One can also find detailed information about companies on the site, that provides services in the field of cargo transportation, logistics, dispatch and other services related to transportation of light and large cargo, and post information about yourself and your company, depending on the type of activity.


Online shop with the full package of functions useful for work:
-catalogue of goods
- shopping cart with order processing
- order review and editing, tracing the order status
- price downloading from xls, csv, xml
- automatic extra charge
- partners connection
- promotions, news,banners


 Building portal, where is information about building works, services for builders and organizations.
 Any user can add an advertisement to any section: building works, services, accomodation, vacancies, commercial site. There is a possibility to add a banner or an advertisement.
 There is a partnership system, email sending, scenario for sending emails and notifications about certain events.


Automobile portal includes:
- searching car parts by catalogue (tecdoc catalogue is linked up);
- car parts shop;
- extra charge for chosen clients , client's balance for every seller;
- price list downloading by sellers;
- bid subscription;
- companies catalogue;
- separate subdomain for sellers;
- news, articles, pages which are filled by sellers on a subdomain.


The portal was created in April 2008 for Chernigov citizens whether they live in the city now or not, or lived there before.
Every day thousands of visitors attend GOROD.cn.ua and found lots of useful information on different topics on the web-site pages: news from Chernigov and the region, annonces of upcoming events, and also admire hundreds of city pictures in the photo gallery, use directories, place advertisements and run blogs.