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Automobile portal

Automobile portal:

  • Catalogue of companies
  • User Directory by regions
  • Automotive News
  • Applications for cargo and transport
  • Jobs and CVs
  • Subdomain for each company
  • Classified ads for selling cars
  • Products catalogue
  • Banner system
  • Email and sms subscription
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The portal of Association of conscientious ferrymen provides the information to ferrymen, cargo owners and forwarders. One can also find detailed information about companies on the site, that provides services in the field of cargo transportation, logistics, dispatch and other services related to transportation of light and large cargo, and post information about yourself and your company, depending on the type of activity.


Compliment to site visitors:

  • registration on the site;
  • Placement of information about yourself and your company;
  • search of transport and freight;
  • placement of cars ads
  • placement of vacancies and CVs.

Information lines about recently added cargo, transport, users and companies make it possible to participate directly in the life of the site and keep abreast of portal events.

Personal account

After registration, the user is provided with an extensive personal account management system. It includes:

  • adding the company, news, articles, documents, information on the company and a list of contact persons
  • adding applications for transport and cargo
  • adding information about the company's fleet and auto selling ads
  • distribution of vacancies and CVs, which facilitates the task of finding employment or employees

A particular advantage is the creation of a website sub-domain, which certainly allows users submit information about their company on the portal ASDAP more clearly and fully.
We should also mention the category of "Fleet", which works as a virtual garage of the transport owners. And there is also a possibility of placing car selling ads
Intuitively understandable interface and concise form for filling information allow you to work with the site quickly and easily.


All participants of the portal can communicate directly with each other using the site. Now messages are sent to the user's email. A new messaging system is in the development, after its realization all correspondence will be conducted online
When you lool through the applications, vacancies, CVs, classified ads, you can see whether the user is online or the date of the last visit on the site.

Search engine

Convenient and extensive search engine allows users and visitors of the site:

  • find the appropriate cargo, with given set of parameters;
  • find a carrier and transport, which is essential for the transportation of your goods;
  • an opportunity to select an employee among given CVs;
  • find a job, depending on the created vacancies;
  • sell or buy a car.


The site offers to create a subdomain for each registered company. This allows the user to manage information about the services, add news, documents, and simply indicate the site address on your business cards and brochures.

Banner system

Functionality of banners placement even more reveals the advertising potential, both for users and visitors of the site, partners who work in the field of transportation.
Variability of accommodation provides a distinct advantage in price and the rational part: there is a possibility of placing the region, country, or a general banner that will be visible to users from all countries.

The latest information on fuel prices and exchange rates give absolute preference to those who are actively involved in transportation.

Sale of automobiles (Ad)

The site contains a selection of 14 categories, ranging from light commercial vehicles and trucks, trailers and ending with all kinds of machinery. After filling in all the main characteristics of the vehicle, the user downloads the website photos to potential buyer could personally verify its condition.
Filling out a simple search box, as well as selecting the main characteristics, the user can find the right vehicle. The ads card gives the opportunity to contact the seller directly and discuss with him the details of the transaction.

Site Admin Panel

It includes an extensive list of functional sections, with the help of which, the correction, as well as all processes controlling the site carry out.
There is a possibility of differentiation of the access rights for any number of administrators for each section of the admin panel and for every action
All sections contain a variety of options for filtering data. This allows you to choose what you need for work, and it is also make comfortable to work with a large amount of information.
Admin panel allows you to manipulate the data, and the flow of incoming orders quickly, post news items, as well as working directly with the site through the internal links, which gives even more favorable conditions for customer service.
Among other functional things, there is an opportunity to save data in csv format , for further work with them outside the system.
To attract new users, define the functions of the automatic distribution of SMS and e-mail. In the options of sending there is the filter and adjustment of the required information.