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On-line shop
On-line shop engine

Technologies the we use:

  • programming on ZendFramework 1.11.10
  • PHP version 5.3
  • database MySQL 5.1
  • caching memcached
  • downloading and xls files parsing
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Advantages of on-line business are well-known to everyone. It's a powerful industry, that develops every day. To build an effective on-line shop our company have used great experience and psychological peculiarities of every clients, who appreciates conveniences, quick search of a needed product and order registration.


From a client's point of view, an on-line shop has to possess following functions:

  • Design - bright, colourful and, of course, selling. Design and usability have to be connected logically, that everyone who wants will be able to order quickly, easily and with pleasure. Convenient interface let every user to surf the site comfortably and do shopping.
  • Steady and trouble-free working — is a pledge of success of every enterpreneur, including an on-line shop owner. A site has to have a reliable CMS ( content management system), which provides rapid filling-up, orders review and qualitative technical support.
  • Simple navigation ensures convenient searching – by categories,filters and other modules, that increase amount of selling in several times.
  • Information - detailed description, characteristics, photos and commenting give an opportunity to get to know a product better and make a choice in its favour.
  • Popularity.. SEO promotion, context advertisement and social networks will help a customer to find out about an on-line shop and learn its range of goods.
    • You can buy an on-line shop engine only for 400$ - where price includes setting an engine on your hosting, complex tuition of the administration, usage directory.

      Catalogue of goods

      • Controlled multilevel catalogue (categories, subcategories). Filter formation for every group of goods. An opportunity to disconnect separate categories and sections.
      • An opportunity to add unlimited amount of goods with a full or short description, characteristics and photos.
      • An opportunity to link alike goods, recommend similar ones or their companions, single out news.
      • Automatic uploading of price-lists in xls, xlsx, csv formats.
      • Automatic price formation, taking into account extra charge for the whole price-list or for a separate category, and also extra charge by supplier's range of price.
      • Export into Yandex Market, HotLine goods catalogues.
      • An opportunity to leave opinions and comments
      • “Clever” products searching.
      • Meta tags management (title, keywords, description) on the pages of goods.

      Customers' registration

      • To sign in a user has to fill in the form, and only after email confirmation they become entered users with personal account.
      • Handy authorization. An opportunity to connect authorization through social networks.
      • Making an order a user is signed up automatically. Registration gives an apportunity to look through order history, sign up for email sendings, promotion events .
      • If a product is temporary unavailable at the warehouse at that moment, a customer (including nonauthorized) can sign up for notifications about availability — module «Availability notification».

      Orders management

      • Convenient shopping basket and its management (editing, deleting).
      • A user can make an order by filling in a form or by one click, filling in a minimal amount of fields.
      • Having arranged an order, it's stored in the database and an immediate notification is sent to the customer's and manager's emails.
      • Manager can change any position in the order,its price, delivery conditions and other information.
      • The site administrator can look through the administrators' activity (number of orders, total amount and so on)

      Steady functionality

      • Proper representation in all browsers.
      • An opportunity to show up discounts, promotions events, sales and contsests.
      • Banner system.
      • Partnership programme.
      • Social networks connection.

      Besides, we can provide your on-line shop with domain, hosting and take care of its promotion.