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Order a website creation

What we need from you to order a website creation

So you've decided that you / your company / shop need a website. To begin with, we would like to know the answers to some simple questions that only you know:

  • Why do you need a website? What are its goals and objectives? (the most popular answer - "make the sale", but sometimes the answers are possible - creating an image, information about anything, the announcement and so on. n.)
  • Who and why will visit your site? (the so-called TA - the target audience)
  • What will be interesting to your visitors? What they have to see and remember at first?
  • Who are your competitors? What differentiates you from them? (your main competitive advantages)

Detailed and clear answers to these questions will make the work on a website much more efficient. They will help to determine the type of site (corporate website, company website, online shop, Internet- portal, landing page), organize the structure of the site, properly arrange information on the web, think about the design concept and as a result distinguish your site from the mass of similar ones.

To order the site development is easy

To order the creation of the site, you need only to send a request online (form to be sent at the bottom of the page) or call us, or contact us on Skype, or send an e-mail. After your first step

  • we will discuss with you the details of the project, fill in brief, describes the design concept, discuss preliminary technical task (TT)
  • refine the cost, timing and stages of work
  • conclude an agreement, draw up detailed TT
  • after that we will immediately begin the work

Workflow of creating a website can last from several days to several months. But in any case, the output will be a website that fully corresponds to TT, ready for active use and promotion in search engines.