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Building portal
Building-work catalogue of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other regions

Used technologies:

  • block front-end, central part is flexible
  • ZendFramework programming 1.11.10
  • PHP 5.3
  • data base MySQL 5.1
  • memcached caching
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Customer's request on design

Buttons have to be big, any monogram and intricate fonts. Intuitively understood and big enough graphic elements.
While working out responsive web-design, three main elements have to be preserved:

  • а) “notebook” principle, when each of the 5 main sections (at the top) is like on separate tab of the notebook;
  • б) links and objects arrangements;
  • в) 3 blocks – central flexible part, left and right open-end side bars.

Technical Task

Following sections were fulfilled in the first version of the site:

  • Building works. The list of constructions, which are added by site moderator or partners. Displaying of construction card with commenting. Contact list is available only for user, who paid the access with the help of SMS or purchased the package of services
  • Accommodation for builders. Analogue of construction section, any information can be added not only by moderator, but by visitors as well. Block of search is added with a filter by the type of accommodation, quantity of places, food availability.
  • Announcements. Signed up users can add announcement to one of the headings, pointing a region and contact information. Browsing the contact information, unlike the constructions, is for free. Functionality for elevating an announcement in the rating is added.
  • Builder's library. Given section implies the connection to a partner programme ozon.ru. There is only literature list, detailed information and purchasing on the site after leaving it for ozon.ru
  • Vacancies of building-work. Companies can add information about open vacancies in their account.
  • Advertising sections. Actually, this is a teaser advertisement (photos, a headline and a text) with payment for any change. There is a chance to suspend the showing of this section.
  • User's balance. There are several ways of topping up for your convenience: qiwi, Yandex money, webmoney, robokassa.
  • Help desk/ticket system (communication between visitors and site administrators). All communication duplicates in emails. The history of old tickets is conducted.

There is an administration system with access limitation for the whole site. An administrator can add any quantity of moderators, pointing their rights. There is an ability of emails and notifications sending for signed up users in the administration system (all those are customized)

There are more than 50 scripts for email sending according to the event: lack of money, expiring of construction announcement, new commenting on your announcement and so on.

For moderator's conveniences There is a calculation of all constructions amount , displaying of new ones (from the latest access), statistics of every user's activity in the administration system.

The project is meant for Russians (regions, and all calculations are in rubles). All functionality of the site is done to transfer it to another domain, intended for Ukrainians.


  • Examinations of self-regulatory organization (SRO). Company announcements about arrangement of SRO services, holding different kinds of expertises and so on.
  • Builders' discounts. The shop of a building company publish their offer for workmen. Goods with description are added to this section, pointing kind, term and amount of discount.
  • Editing of constructions, announcements, vacancies and so on. In the first version only moderator could edit all the information. Users can change the information from their accounts.
  • Liqpay payment system. Now users can pay for the site services with the help of check card.