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Auto portal
 Auto portal

Auto portal:

  • Car parts catalogue
  • Auto accessories shop
  • Catalogue of companies, news
  • Registration of sellers and customers
  • Putting price lists by sellers devision
  • Subdomain for each seller
  • extra charge price list
  • request for car parts
  • Paid services for separate site sections
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One can spend time on the site effectively: find a necessary part for every car, find a new accessory, find a solution of a given problem at the forum or get to know the latest news.


Car parts catalogue

Every seller can download their price list. All price-lines will be linkaged to the actual-to-date car parts. If a linkage can't be executed, price-line won't be available in the list according to a catalogue number. Such a car part can be linkaged manually. Car parts catalogue uses the tecdoc base.

Every visitor of the site can find any part in the catalogue, look through sellers' offers and put a necessary part into the basket. After choosing all the part, you have to arrange an order. If sellers are of different companies, each of them will get their part of the order.

While looking for goods, visitors can see many offers of the same article but buy only at the most advantageous one considering price, quality, term of delivery.

In case of shortage a required article, a user can send a req and get it as soon as it's available. There is only a direct communication between sellers and their clients — it gives an ability to avoid jobbers and keep oneself from overpricing.

Car accessory shop

opens a wide range of abilities of selling and buying goods of this kind – a seller can not only download a price-list, but also describe every article in detail, add pictures, that makes a purchase more convenient. Order arranging is very simple: an article gets into the basket, then in the section «Your purchase» quantity, product and total price are reflected. After arrangement of the order the bill goes to the seller's email.

A shop on subdomain

Every user has a possibility to register their own on-line shop on the basis of this site and have a steady growing profit. Range of goods of the shop will be available to thousands of users, who constantly attend the site.

The engine allows to register any quantity of subdomains. Each subdomain has:

  • a system of news publishing — a user can place shop news either on subdomain or in their general section “News”
  • Automatic price-list downloading (Excel, XLS, CSV.) - goods updating (price , availability, term of delivery).
  • Ability of quick filling up with catalogue numbers, descriptions, names, photos, tags — a page arrangement becomes more convenient and takes only few minutes.
  • Unlimited number of car parts and accessories — 10,100, and maybe 1000? There is no limitation in quantity of representing goods.
  • Notifications about orders are sent to seller's and customer's emails without moderator participation.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Dealing with different currencies . The engine allows to download price-lists and handle information not only in hryvnias but also in USD and EUR.

Autoriginal is a modern auto portal created for car parts customers and sellers.

Following services are offered to site visitors for free:

  • Easy navigation by different inquiries. Convenient search engine.
  • Effective goods order, even if they are not available at that moment.
  • Arrangement of payment bills and receipts.
  • Free car company registration in the catalogue.

Convenient administration system

Administration pannel was developed exclusively for auto portal, that gives their users a wide range of abilities in site operation. All incoming information is moderated. Administrators' rights customization will help to put everything in order and simplify the site working.

Ways of monetization:

  • paid access to contacts in car parts requests;
  • paid registration of on-line shops;
  • package of services selling“car parts shop”, “accessories shops”;
  • paid access to requests;
  • banner system.

Everyone can buy the auto portal engine for 400 $ - it's its customization at your hosting, comples administrator tuition, site usage directory.

Attention! Redesign is not included.