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Qualitativehosting in Ukraine is a service supplied by the group of professionals, who are good not only at organizing a proper site working at a high level, but also at a providing its further maintenance. That's why a hosting has to be chosen with careful attention and concentration.

Hosting is a data location service in the global network. All information about the project is stored on the server. It is the server, that provides constant and continuous site access on the Internet for all users around the globe. Correspondingly, reliability of the server defines the quality of the connection and flexibility of the Internet resource with its users.

Our company is the owner of the powerful servers, where we are ready to allocate the information of any volume, and give you all additional services concerning a site location, including a round-the-clock support and immediate reaction to unexpected developments.

Cooperation with our company will give you an opportunity to choose an appropriate rate schedule for your project.

Hosting on our servers means safety and good working speed of any site .

Rate schedule

  Ultra Light Medium Strong Maxi
Place: 3 Gb 15 Gb 40 Gb 80 Gb 500 Gb
Domains: 2 10 30 50 unlimit.
mysql base: 2 10 unlimit. unlimit. unlimit.
E-mail: unlimit. unlimit. unlimit. unlimit. unlimit.
Subdomains: unlimit. unlimit. unlimit. unlimit. unlimit.
Load: 5% 7,5% 10% 20% 50%
Rate schedule price, USD
1 month 4.90 8.90 15.90 27.90 59.90
3 months: 13.80 25.00 44.80 78.60 168.90
6 months: 25.80 46.90 83.90 147.30 315.90
1 year: 49.00 89.00 159.00 279.00 599.00

Every rate schedule has the following facilites:

  • CGI, PHP, GD 2, ionCube;
  • Zend Optimizer, Crontab;
  • Perl, Parser, MySQL, SSI;
  • Own mistake pages;
  • Web Stats (WebAlizer, Awstats);
  • Nginx, PHP accelerator;
  • Popular CMS support (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and others);
  • toolbar: ISPManager