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Filmstudio web-site design
Film studio. Artistic crew

Short list of customer's demands:

  • I need a well-developed film studio main page.
  • I'd like a site to be as simple as possible, stylish easy in usage and convenient for services order.
  • Take into consideration the blocks location on the old joomla template for front-end programming simplification.
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Some suctomer's wishes, appeared during negotiation:

At the left – a side-bar with list of the site functions: services, portfolio, prices, on-line order.
understandable block for bread crumbs.
In design the sites with plot are preferred, and usage of banal course: a cup of coffee, a table, a notebook.
Probably, a hanger as a real film studio (any decoration, a manager at the table, the text in the centre like a projected representation.